Wet Felting

Wet Felting

Feltmaking is an age-old craft which has experienced a huge resurgence in the last few years due in part to its simplicity but also versatility. Requiring very little equipment, bubble wrap, water and soap, felt-making remains one of the most popular crafts.

The magical thing about wet felting is that, simply by rubbing the fibres with your hands, they mat together to make a seamless pocket of felt which can be transformed into any shape you like.

During a felting workshop as a beginner, you learn how to felt the alpaca fleece around a flat shape and then form it into a beautiful bowl, pouch, pot or glasses case.

As an advanced felter you can tackle something larger such as a slippers, hot water bottle cover , hat or teacosy or coffee pot cover.

New half day workshop – From Fleece to Felt

Visit the alpacas who’ve been growing the fleece for you and choose your colours (you might want to use them all!) Learn how to tease and drumcard the fleece ready for felting and finally experience the magical process that takes you from fluffy fleece to firm felt.

Teased fleece
Drumcarding fleece
Wet felting
Finished felt