Weaving with Unusual Looms

Weaving is traditional by its very nature, but using recycled cardboard to create a loom gives this craft a contemporary twist. More straightforward than knitting, the repetitive nature of hand-weaving is very therapeutic and restful.

In this workshop, learn to use recycled cardboard to create amazing seamless cushions, bags, pencil or phone cases or even design your own wallhanging. An ideal way to use up your stash of interesting yarns. There will be some handspun alpaca available to use at this workshop.

The Weaving Workshops

Learn how to warp either a square or circular cardboard loom and create complex patterns simply by alternating colours. Make a mini lavender pillow or drawstring purse from a square loom or a mini bowl from a circular loom.

Other unusual ‘looms’!

Another exciting way to weave is to use naturally found materials such as forked branches or stones. It is very satisfying to combine the hardness of the wood or stone with the softness of the alpaca fleece.