One-to-one Workshops

Explore. Express. Experience.

Talking deeply and honestly about ourselves is not easy so I have developed ‘Soul Crafting’ because I know from personal experience how much easier it is to be open while walking or crafting together.

So why ‘Soul Crafting’?

Well, I think somehow we all know what we mean by soul – that deepest, truest part of ourselves – and ‘crafting’ because it’s about creating and bringing out something truly beautiful.

In the midst of busy lives, so many of us feel we have lost our true selves, becoming overwhelmed by the many different roles we have to play. Or we may have reached a new stage in our lives – children leaving home or retirement – and we wonder who we are without the roles we once had. These one-to-one soul crafting workshops will focus on exploring more deeply who you really are, who you want to be and uncovering what gets in the way of being your best self.

Explore where you are currently in your life’s journey
garden photos

Walk with me. Wander in the different spaces in our garden or on the field with our alpacas.

Express your future hopes, your past pain or current fears

Craft with me. Choose the craft you’d like to do and we’ll sit inside together as we work.

Experience the recovery and healing of your innermost self

Take your creation home with you and let it remind you of the importance of continuing to listen to your true self.

Creative Choice

For me, it is very important that these one-to-one workshops allow you to be in control of what happens and offer you a free choice of how you use your time here. You may prefer to spend all the time outside (weather permitting!) or just to spend the time being creative. You can choose from any of the suggestions below, whatever feels right for you on the day.


Resting in the softness of the alpaca fleece, create a simple piece of felt, allowing the colours to flow together and making patterns in yarn.


Choose a branch or rock to weave around; combine the softness of the yarn with the hardness of the wood or stone in wonderful ways.


Discover how you can use both writing words and drawing pictures or shapes to freely express yourself without being an ‘artist’!


Poetry is a form of writing that has no rules and can be an interesting way to express how you’re feeling even if you’ve never tried it.

More about journaling

Expressing who you are, what you think and how you feel is such an important need that we all have. This deep sharing can be in dialogue with the right person or with a journal. One thing which I have found invaluable during my own journey is journaling, both writing and drawing, as a way to explore and respond to what has come into awareness for me as well as a way to look back and see how far I have come. You may like to bring your own journal or make one during the session.

Timings and Cost.

The soul crafting workshops will last for one and a half hours and will be offered during the week either on a morning (from 10.30 – 12) or afternoon (2-3.30) and can be booked directly with me via email or telephone. Weekend sessions may also be possible. The initial workshop session will cost £45 (£30 reduced fee) but if you feel more sessions would be useful, these will be £35 (£25 reduced fee) I offer a free visit to meet with me and find out more about how these workshops would feel for you.