Suffolk Alpaca Eco Craft

Local. Natural. Sustainable.

It is the gentle beauty of my three alpacas and the glorious softness of their fleece that is the foundation of my work. In a world that is obsessed with speed, my art is slow and sustainable, using only the natural colours of the alpacas and spinning, weaving and felting entirely by hand.

The Arts and Crafts Movement with its emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, truth to materials and simple forms has had a great influence on my work as has John Ruskin’s passion for environmentalism and sustainability.

I am particularly inspired by shapes, shapes created by dark against light. Working with only two or three alpaca colours encourages me to reduce everything down into abstract or simplified outlines. 

Why Applied/Decorative Art?

Despite creating wall art at times, my heart lies in making practical items that can be used as well as loved. The irresistible softness and warmth of the alpaca fleece asks to be made into objects that warm and comfort your heart and now I make only those items that can be touched, savoured against your skin or held in your hand: tactile organic pots, delicately light scarves and wraps, comforting hot water bottles, supersoft keepsake pouches and warm mini pillows in various sizes.

Felted bowl
Woven neck warmer
Little lavender pillows
Felted hot water bottle
Keepsake pouches
Nuno felted scarf
Nuno felted moth wrap
Small comfort cushions

Currently my work is not available on-line and can only be purchased at certain events throughout the year. Although I do occasionally take commissions, the way that I work means it is impossible to exactly repeat a pattern or item.